Why Us

Here are a few reasons why you can feel good about choosing Biscuits as your dog walker in Vancouver:

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We are Pet First Aid trained and certified by DogSafe. We carry our pet first aid kit on hand at all times in case of emergency. All hiking and boarding dogs are pre-screened for group sociability. If a key is needed, all residence keys are stored in a secure location and are coded. This means the keys cannot be identified with addresses.

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Biscuits is a licensed business that is insured and bonded. We are one of a handful of Vancouver based companies that are permitted to hike on the off-leash trails of North Vancouver and are members of the North Shore Dog Walkers Alliance professional organization.  

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Biscuits has been helping out pet owners in Vancouver since 2009.

vancouver dog walking


All pets are provided with only the highest quality of treats and are receiving a full dose of high energy play and physical exertion. Owners of our dog walking hiking adventure clients frequently note a decrease in problem behaviours at home, as well as increased muscle mass and decrease in obesity issues. That makes us so happy!

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We are here to keep your pet happy  - TLC is always included in our services! We rely on positive reinforcement techniques to teach our canine friends. Scuffing and rough corrections are not used.

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Biscuits always scoops the poop! For cleaning up messes, we use biodegradable products that won’t hurt the environment or our furry friends.