About Us

Biscuits is an East Vancouver based pet care company which offers high quality pet care services with a personalized touch.

The happiness and safety of the pets in our care is always our number one priority and has been since the first day of business in 2009.

Scott Bartlett: DH (Dog Hiker)
Biscuits Owner + Hiking Coordinator

Scott has always had a love for animals and grew up alongside his beloved Golden Retriever, Taegan. In 2013, Scott adopted his feisty Blue Heeler named Bandit. As CEO of playing, Bandit is a pro at making newcomers feel welcome! Scott also shares his home with a very handsome and most excellent mouser feline name Johnson. That's Special Agent, Johnson to you :)

Scott has been with Biscuits since the company started in 2009 and gladly took full ownership at the helm in 2013. You will see his cheery (and bearded) face picking up hiking pups of all ages to head out into the trails for fun and playing in the great outdoors. Scott also fits right in to the North Van forest with his woodsmen look. He has actually been dubbed the "Bearded Walker" by our dog hiking colleagues and friends on the trails.

Please click here if you'd like to discuss walking adventures or boarding!