Why You Should Use a Vancouver Dog Walker

With many people in Vancouver still working from home due to covid-19, they may be wondering if they still need to use a dog walker. In this article we’re going to cover some of the benefits of using a dog walker even when you’re working from home.

vancouver dog walker

Extra outdoor activities

Everyone’s outdoor space at home is different, especially people living in Vancouver. Whether it’s a small condo courtyard, or a house with a small backyard, using a dog walker allows your dog to get out into the wilderness and stretch their legs and get some much needed exercise, allowing you to focus on your work from home.

Better human interaction

Hiring a Vancouver dog walker allows your dog to get some meaningful human interaction on a daily basis while you’re working. When you’re at home working you’re not always available to give your dog the attention it needs, but using a dog walker allows your dog to get some of that individual attention from someone who is solely focused on their needs.

vancouver dog walker

Discourage your dogs disruptive behavior

With a dog walker your dog will get into a daily routine, which will limit the amount of disruptive behavior at home while you’re working. With the extra exercise and mental stimulation your dog is receiving on a daily basis, you will begin to see a decrease in disruptive behavior and accidents around your home.

Knowledgeable dog walker at your disposal

Hiring a Vancouver dog walking company like Biscuits Pets gives you access to all the information and tips of the industry. Whether you need advice on a leash or harness, advice on dog food, the best trainers in town, you will have an expert available to answer all of your questions.

If you work from home or at the office and are looking to hire a Vancouver dog walker, contact us at Biscuits Pets today!