Why visiting an off-leash dog park is great for your dog

Hiring someone to walk your dog in Vancouver is great for getting your dog daily exercise while you’re at work, but it’s also a great idea to take them to an off-leash dog park yourself from time to time. Here is why:


While taking your dog or hiring someone to take your dog for a walk is great for exercise, bathroom breaks, etc. they are still attached to a leash some or most of the time. In an off-leash dog park your dog is able to run free, giving them enhanced exercise and also the ability to socialize with other dogs and people. Making sure your dog is properly socialized is key for a well behaved dog.

Making friends

It’s important to remember that dogs are pack animals. While this mentality has lowered over the course of their evolution from wolves to dogs, they still enjoy spending time around other dogs. Every time you take your dog to an off-leash dog park it allows them to make new friends, and just like humans, dogs remember their friends. So if you frequently take them to a park where their new friends also frequent, you will really boost your dogs spirit and happiness as they get to continually play with their friends.

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Exercise & Fitness

Dogs that visit off-leash dog parks frequently are generally healthier and in great shape. Just like humans, dogs can tone their muscles from all of the running, jumping, and playing, which in turn makes them much more fit. Dogs who are not able to do this type of exercise tend to gain weight and will in turn suffer the side effects of obesity.

Improved mental health

You may or may not know this, but dogs can suffer from mental health issues like depression, just like humans. This is more common in dogs that are usually tied up or stuck indoors, with no opportunity to play or socialize. Off-leash dog parks are perfect for improving your dogs mental health so that they don’t slide into a depression.

In conclusion, taking your dog to off-leash dog parks is key for a healthy dog, but the reality is, you won’t always have time for this. If you’re looking to hire a professional to walk your dog in Vancouver (we do off-leash dog walking as well), then contact us today!