Why hire a professional Vancouver dog walker vs a friend

Over the years many people in Vancouver have asked me why they should hire a dog walker over just asking a friend or neighbour to walk their dog while they’re at work. While most friends, family, or neighbours will tend to help you out, they may not have the time to walk your dog on a daily basis as they have their own personal lives and things going on. In this article I am going to talk about why you should hire a professional dog walker over asking a friend or neighbour.

vancouver dog walker

Dog walkers are professionals

This point is fairly self explanatory, but dog walkers spend each business day running their business, picking up dogs, walking them, and dropping them off. They understand dogs, their mannerisms, how to walk them in packs, and most importantly your dogs health and happiness is their #1 priority. Dog walkers also work on a fixed schedule, making it easier on you and your dog as the walks will generally stay at the same time each day.

A Backup Plan

If you are trusting your friend or neighbour to walk your dog every day, what happens if something comes up or they become sick? Who is going to walk your dog? Because they are doing this as a favor to you, they will likely not have a backup plan, apologize to you, and now you’re left finding another solution at the last minute.

With a professional dog walker you will never need to worry about situations like this. If for whatever reason your primary dog walker is not able to walk your dog that day, they will always have a backup plan and send an employee to pickup and walk your dog.

vancouver dog walker

Dog walkers are insured

A professional dog walker will always protect their clients, themselves and their business by having the proper insurance. This insurance may cover things like injury to themselves or your dog, property damage to your home when picking up and dropping off your dog. A friend or neighbour is not going to have any insurance, so any injury to them or your dog, damage to your property, or if a random pedestrian is injured, you are completely liable.

You are the boss

You have hired and paid the professional dog walker for their services, and that means they will always do things at your request. If you request things like giving your dog a treat after the walk, the dog walker will happily do so. If your dog needs to walk a little slower than the rest of the pack, the dog walker will accommodate. A friend or neighbour may not have the time, enthusiasm, and commitment to follow your requests to give your dog specialized treatment.

There are many reasons why you should hire a Vancouver dog walker over asking a friend or neighbour, so if you’re in need of dog walking services please contact us today for a free consultation!