Top 5 reasons to use a Vancouver dog boarding service

Hiring someone to look after your dog can be difficult, but there are many benefits to hiring a dog boarding company in Vancouver.

Alleviate Separation Anxiety

It’s no secret that dogs can experience separation anxiety when left alone. Dogs that suffer from this tend to act out and can destroy the furniture in your home, as well as doors, door knobs, flooring, etc. If you send your dog to a boarding facility when you’re away for an extended period of time, they will be involved in one-on-one activities with the staff, and playtime with other dogs. This way your beloved pet is not at home alone and scared, and nothing in your home will be damaged.

vancouver dog boarding

Great for socializing

It’s a well known fact that dogs have a strong pack instinct and love connecting with other dogs. Sending your dog to a boarding facility is great for socializing your dog in a safe space, and getting them used to being around other dogs, and dogs they’ve never interacted with before. This is especially important for puppies, as they need to learn how to behave in new situations.

Perfect for planned or unexpected travel

Dog boarding facilities are perfect people looking to travel or have an unexpected trip come up. Your dog will always be well looked after while you’re away, and you won’t need to ruin your trip by worrying how your dog is doing with an untrained professional.

It can be hard to find boarders on short notice, but they will generally be able to fit you in at the last minute if need be, but it’s always important to pre-book if you’re planning a trip.

vancouver dog boarding

Keep your dog busy during a move

A lot of pets get overwhelmed and develop anxiety during the hustle and bustle of moving to and from residences. Sending your dog to a boarder will make the process much easier for them, as well as yourself as you won’t need to worry about where to put the dog when packing, or their mental state.

Home renovations

This one is not something people think about often, but large home renovations can be extremely difficult when you have a pet, as the noise can be very hard and stressful for your dog. Also in the case where you cannot stay at your residence during the renovation, you may think about staying in a hotel… but not all hotels accept dogs. Sending your dog to a boarding facility allows them to get the focused attention they need, while making it easier for you to accommodate yourself and your family during the renovation.

There are many benefits to sending your dog to a dog boarding company in Vancouver. If you’re interested in boarding rates, contact us today!