Tips for walking your dog in Vancouver this winter

Now that Halloween is over and winter isn’t far behind, many people in Vancouver are looking for winter dog walking tips. Well Biscuits has got you covered! Here are tips for walking your dog in the cold and snow.

Plan ahead

When walking your dog in the winter it’s important to plan ahead. Check your weather app for the weather and windchill before you leave the house. It may be colder than you expect outside, so plan ahead and choose a path that has many quick options in and out. Leave exploring to warmer clear days.

Look for clues

It’s ok to let your dog play outside in cold weather, but don’t leave them outside for long periods of time, especially if they are a small breed.

Watch for clues that your dog is too cold, like whining, begging at the door, shivering, or lifting and licking at their paws.

Keep walks short

On days that are particularly cold, limit the walk to a short period of time. Pay attention to your dog and if they start to exhibit the signs in the above point, take them home right away.

Keep toe hair short

Ice and snow can build up on your dog’s toe hair, which can cause temporary lameness, or make it difficult and painful for your dog to walk. If your dog doesn’t mind wearing boots, it’s a good idea to help protect their paws in the winter.

Clean Paws

Always make sure to clean your dog’s paws after a walk in the snow. Use a warm cloth to clean and a towel to dry. Washing their paws removes any salt or de-icer chemicals, so that they don’t ingest them when they begin to lick their paws… which they will right away.


Jacket or sweater for certain breeds

While some dogs like huskies, malamutes, and Shiba Inus, may have thick undercoats and can handle the cold, other breeds aren’t so lucky. If you have a breed that has a thin coat, a jacket or sweater will make them much more comfortable in the cold weather.

These are just a few ways you can keep your dog comfortable and safe when walking them during the cold Vancouver winter. For more tips or to book a vancouver dog walker this winter, contact us today!