Tips for walking your dog at night in Vancouver

As professional dog walkers, we walk dogs in the rain or shine, daylight or nighttime. So we have all the tips and tricks to help you during these times.

Walking your dog in the dark can have some extra challenges as it’s very important for you and your dog to be visible and safe. While these tips may be obvious to some, we want to ensure the safety of everyone walking their dogs at night in Vancouver.

vancouver dog walking

Leash your dog

Everyone knows their dogs should be leashed when being walked in residential areas, but when it’s dark some people may try and get away with letting their dog off leash.

What you need to remember is that dogs have an advantage over humans in the dark due to their heightened senses like sight, smell, and hearing. They may notice something that you don’t and go running after it, which is why it’s very important to keep your dog leashed at night.

Wear bright or reflective material

When walking your dog at night it is very important that you stand out. If you wear white or reflective material there is a good chance the moonlight, street lights, or headlights will cast enough light on you so that you will be seen. You definitely do not want to blend into the darkness with dark clothing while walking your dog at night.

vancouver dog walking

Walk in well lit areas and carry a flashlight

Try to stay in areas that are well lit. This is good for the safety and security of both you and your dog. Always stay away from alleys and remote parks as much as you can.

Carrying a flashlight also helps when you need extra light to see where you’re going, and so you can also see what is up ahead of you, or you hear something suspicious.

Use a reflective dog collar

In most cases your dog will be smaller and shorter than you are. Even when they are leashed your dog will still be harder to see than you. Putting a reflective dog collar on your dog is a great way to add some visibility to your dog. You can also add some reflective material to your dog’s leash.

As a professional dog walker, we have spent a good amount of time walking dogs curing the night in Vancouver, so if you have any questions or require our services, contact us today!