Tips for dog owners this summer in Vancouver

Summer is just around the corner in Vancouver, which means a lot of people and their dogs will be spending more time outdoors. While it’s great that your dog will be spending more time outdoors, you need to make sure they’re comfortable and safe.

Signs of heat stroke

Dogs get very hot in the summer which can lead to heat stroke. Symptoms of heat stroke include excessive panting, dark or bright colored tongue and gums, trouble walking/stumbling, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you see your dog exhibiting any of these symptoms, get them to a vet ASAP.

Canine Sunscreen

Did you know that dogs can get sunburnt? Dogs that are hairless, dogs with white or thin coats, and light skinned dogs are more likely to get sunburnt than other breeds. Dog sunscreen is also important if your dog likes to lay belly up or on concrete and other light surfaces.

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Never, we repeat, NEVER leave your dog in the car

Most people don’t understand how hot a vehicle can get in the summer time due to using A/C. The inside of your vehicle gets extremely hot when the A/C is not running and the windows are up, and this is deadly to dogs as they cannot properly cool down due to the hot temperatures, and the fact that hot fabrics on their paws prevent them from expelling heat.

It is also illegal to leave your dog in the car unattended in the summer months. If you cannot take your dog out of the car when out and about, leave them at home.

Indoor Cooling

When it’s hot outside, it's also hot inside if you do not have the proper tools to stay cool. When your dog is home alone in the summer, open the windows (make sure there is a lock to prevent them from opening all the way), run an oscillating fan, and make sure you fill up their water dish.

Less excessive exercise

Change up your usual walking routine to avoid exercise during the hotter hours of the day. Walking your dog early in the morning and later in the evening reduces the chance of your dog's pads burning, and reduces the risk of heat stroke.

In conclusion, spending more time with your dog outside in the summer months is encouraged, but you need to be careful. Our dogs look to us to take care of them after all. For more information about pet care and dog walking and boarding in Vancouver, contact us today!