Things to pack when boarding your dog in Vancouver

Boarding your dog in Vancouver can be stressful for both you and your dog, and since boarding goes hand in hand with travelling or even just a day away at work, the chaos of getting ready can cause you to forget some things for boarding. We have put together a checklist of things you’ll need when boarding your dog.

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Dog identification is one of the most important things when it comes to owning a dog. When boarding your dog, always make sure all of your pets' information is up to date. Make sure your dog's ID is attached to its collar, and is also microchipped, as this is the best way to ID your dog. Make sure both the ID tag and microchip includes your dog’s name, your name and contact info, and perhaps your home address.

Emergency Contact Information

As you would do if you were leaving your child with someone, always make sure you leave emergency contact info with your dog boarder, especially if you’re travelling out of town or the country. Make sure to leave the name and contact info of someone in the area that you know and trust (friend or family member is best).

Along with the emergency contact info, it’s recommended you also leave the information of your vet. Your vet will have all of your dog's records in case the boarder needs to refer to them in a medical emergency.

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A familiar blanket, toy, or piece of clothing

It goes without saying that our dogs miss us dearly when we’re gone, especially for long periods of time. Staying at a boarding facility can sometimes be stressful on our pets as they are in a new environment with new people and other dogs, so it’s important to try and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Make sure to pack either a blanket, toy, or piece of clothing that they are familiar with, that also carries their scent as well as your own scent. The familiar scent will help soothe your dog's stress and anxiety, and make them feel more comfortable in the new environment.

Bring extra food

Some boarding facilities offer to feed your dog, but this drastic change in diet can be bad for your dog’s digestive system, especially during a stressful time. We always recommend bringing your dog’s normal food, and if there isn’t quite enough food, or there is an emergency and you’re not able to make it back on the scheduled date, the boarder can mix your dog’s food with new food, which can help their digestive system when being introduced to new food.

At Biscuits Pets, we always do our very best to make your dog’s stay with us as comfortable and fun as possible. If you’re interested in dog boarding services in Vancouver, contact us today!