Keep your home clean after a rainy dog walk

As most Vancouver residents know, walking your dog in the rain is not something we can easily avoid. While most people in Vancouver are used to this, there may be some things we can teach you to keep your house clean.

vancouver dog walking

Preparing your return

Prepping your home's entryway before you leave is a great way to keep your place clean. Your dog is going to get wet and muddy during the walk, it’s inevitable. So having a sort of cleaning station at your entryway (towels, a mop, etc.) can help minimize the mess your dog will drag with them into the rest of the house.

Dress for the weather

Everyone in Vancouver surely has rain gear, so make sure you bring it along for the walk. Some dog breeds even take well to coats and boots, which can really help with the mess when entering your home. So looking into training your dog to do so, may be beneficial.

Watch out for puddles

With the rain of course comes the puddles. If you notice puddles accumulating in your neighbourhood, make sure to try and avoid them. Puddles are very tempting to dogs, especially energetic puppies.

Shake training

It’s not easy to train your dog to shake a certain way, but it may be something to consider. Training your dog to shake on command means you can get them to shake all the mud and debris off of them in a certain area, so that they’re not shaking all over the house.

Rinse their paws

If your house has a hose or outdoor water at all, it’s always a good idea to rinse their paws before entering the home. Their paws will of course be wet due to the rain, but rinsing them can remove any mud or debris stuck in their paws.

As a professional dog walker, we have spent a good amount of time walking dogs in the Vancouver rain, so if you have any questions or require our services during the rainy season, contact us today!