How to prevent your dog from going missing

While we normally stick to articles related to dog walking in Vancouver, we know the importance of keeping our pets safe and how heartbreaking it can be when they go missing. So we have decided to help others by outlining some ways you can keep your dog from going missing.

ID tag on collar

Pets that have an ID tag on their collar are far more likely to be returned to their owner. Also make sure the contact information is updated and current at all times.

A product like PetFetch makes it easy for people to contact you if they find your lost dog. Each tag is engraved with a code that is connected to your pet’s profile. You can add a photo of your pet, contact info, etc. So this may be something to look into.

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Microchipping your dog is very helpful for animal shelters to identify your dog if they lose their collar or ID tags fall off. Most vet clinics can schedule this at a low cost.

Exercise and entertainment

Keeping your dog exercised and entertained on a regular basis will decrease the chances of them getting into trouble, leaving the yard, running away, etc. Do some research on your dog’s breed and how much exercise they require, as all dog breeds are different.

GPS Tracking Smart Collar

The beauty of living in 2022 is that we have some much technology at our disposal. GPS smart collars allow you to locate your dog's location at any time. Most of these smart collars will be connected to an app so you can find them easily. Keep in mind that this is not meant to replace a microchip, so you should only use it as an additional tracking device.

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Secure Fencing

It seems obvious to say that you need to make sure your pet can’t escape, but it is one of the most common ways it happens. Wood fences are generally better than chain-link fences as some breeds are easily able to jump over them. Look for any gaps in your fencing and fill any holes that your dog may be able to get through.

Try and avoid Leaving Your Dog Unsupervised

A large number of dogs go missing when they are unattended. If you need to leave your dog tied up in front of a store quickly, ask someone to keep an eye on them or try and keep an eye on them at all times when inside the store.

In conclusion, none of us ever want our pets to go missing and you can do your best to prevent that by using this article for reference. For more information about pet care and dog walking and boarding in Vancouver, contact us today!